A Letter to our Community Partners

 To The Lockport Family Focus Group and our local non-profit agencies,

The Grigg Lewis Foundation would like to express our appreciation and pride in Eastern Niagara County, in the residents and the nonprofit agencies that serve them in the ability to forge ahead as powerful change makers at home, in the community and in their daily work. 

In honoring the wishes of our Founder, we give for the sake of giving not for recognition, to foster relationships and partnerships, and to work towards the greater good of all. We strive to promote hope in the community, empower them with optimism, and demonstrate through our own actions the need for equality, awareness, compassion, acceptance, respect, cooperation, empathy, and tolerance. 

We realize that it is important that our community knows that we are available to them. Collaborating with our local nonprofits who work on the frontlines and who are best able to identify needs, we will continue to listen, learn, and act to better the lives of our local residents. We recognize the need to have deeper conversations with our nonprofits where we learn, absorb, and reflect on our own principles and practices in order to enable continuous improvement and remain a community resource. We will continue to bring stakeholders together to develop shared initiatives and programs; to foster partnerships that are inclusive and promote network building through monthly meetings where our local nonprofits share programs and issues that face our residents. We believe in our community’s ability to work together to break down all types of barriers in a peaceful and constructive manner.  We hope to share our learning journey with all of you, and we will continue to be guided by your work.

The Grigg Lewis Foundation does not run programming, but we support those of you who do. We thank you for remaining collaborative and transparent in your efforts to institute real change and growth. We are in your corner and our doors and hearts are open to all ideas and discussions.

Grigg Lewis Foundation, Inc.  Board and Staff