The Grigg Lewis Foundation is often blessed to receive notes and updates from our grant recipients allowing us to reflect on the impact that our contributions are making in our community. Because our grant dollars can only go so far, we rely heavily on the passion, dedication and commitment of our local non-profits and their staff, who work hard every day to affect the lives of residents across Niagara County, and throughout Western New York.
To these agencies we offer our thanks for their dedication, their good work, and their ability to maximize the resources that bring about transformational changes in our community.
– Chris Smith, Executive Director

WNY Heroes, Inc.

“On behalf of WNY Heroes, and our Veteran families we serve, we would like to thank you for your donation toward our programs/services.
Veterans of Western New York and their families are helped with everyday essential needs.
On any given night, there are homeless Veterans living on the streets. Western New York has the 2nd highest Veteran’s population, 2nd only to NYC and Long Island. Our financial assistance program has kept several Veterans from becoming homeless and all because of you. It is our hope to ease the burdens that plague Veterans returning from combat and transitioning into civilian life. Many times, this is not an easy task for men and women leaving military service.
As we continue to grow and expand our current programs, your generosity makes it possible for us to hep our Veterans and Veteran families.”

-Chris (2020)

VIA – Visually Impaired Advancement

“On behalf of the staff, students, and clients of the VIA, formerly Olmsted Center for Sight, thank you kindly for the grant to be used to support operations for our 2-1-1 WNY Contact Center. 
VIA would not be able to fullfill its mission of helping blind and visually impaired individuals live fulfilling, independent lives of not for the support of generous foundations like yours. 
-Renee (2020)

Dale Association, Inc.

“I would like to thank you for your generous grant to fund our Senior Centre.  Over 7,500 older adults are able to receive critical social and medical supports thanks to your support. COVID-19 has made our most vulnerable population over 50% more likely to experience more isolation and loneliness. 
During 2020 we delivered in-person and virtual programming to older adults, we delivered Senior Advisor services to the most underrepresented population of Eastern Niagara County; our vision program conducted home assessments and provided a personalized approach to safety recommendations, assistive equipment, and community resources to ensure our clients can live independently and safely. 
We have developed new programming initiatives to help reduce social isolation and enrich the lives of Older Adults and their Caregivers and look forward to rolling them out in 2021.”

-Robert (2020)

Aquarium of Niagara

“On behalf of the Aquarium of Niagara and the communities we serve, we would like to thank the Grigg Lewis Foundation for the opportunity to participate in a challenge grant. We truly appreciate the Foundation’s trust in our commitment to the care of more than 120 species, including our rescued and non-releasable animals. We intend to leverage this commitment in our pursuit of other funding sources as we seek to secure critical support for our essential animal care costs. We enter the new year grateful for the opportunity to continue finding meaningful ways to inspire people to make a difference for aquatic life. Thanks to organizations like the Grigg Lewis Foundation, we continue to strive to be a destination of choice for the communities of Western New York and beyond.”
-Gary (2020)

The Summit Center

“Thank you to the Grigg Lewis Foundation for the generous grant to support the Summit Center’s Building Hope capital campaign. The Summit Center serves 1,350 children and adults each year with autism and other developmental disabilities through its education services, behavioral and mental health clinic, family support services, and adult programs. Our goal is to help everyone we serve achieve the highest possible level of personal independence. 
Every day we experience the tremendous gratification that comes from contributing to a child’s success…helping them to learn skills that many of us simply take for granted. Your gift demonstrates that you believe in the work Summit does – and that you want to help too. This grant will bring hope and promise to children and families in Western New York for years to come.” 
-Stephen & Kara

Lockport Public Library - Grigg Lewis Workership Program

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your Workership program this year! My summer was filled with lots of experiences I will never forget, and I am very grateful. This is a wonderful program that I hope will continue for many years to come and I am glad I took part in it this summer.
Thanks again. 


New Directions Youth and Family Services

“On behalf of the children and families we serve, thanks so much! We are thrilled to receive your annual core group gift. Through the generosity of supporters, like you, we are able to continue helping vulnerable children and families build a foundation of opportunity, growth, and personal responsibility. Your gift will be used on the Wyndham Lawn Campus to provide quality programming, facilities, and services that align with the principles of the Grigg Lewis Foundation. Each year, families receive the supports and resources they need, because of your commitment. Thank you for fostering good futures for so many”.
– James

St. Vincent de Paul Society - Kids to Camp Kenan

“On behalf of the St. John’s St. Vincent de Paul Society, I would like to thank you for (your support) of our “Kids to Camp” program. This year, with your help, we were able to send 112 Lockport area children in need, to Camp Kenan for one week of residential camp.  This outstanding amount of children could not have been attained without the needed funds from your grant. We know that these children will benefit from the camp experience, adult interaction, healthy meals, and supervised outdoor activities, but we will never know the far reaching impact on these kids as they mature into adults and hopefully become positive influences in our community. You have helped theses children get a start on a successful adulthood with wonderful camp memories. Thank you! With much gratitude.
– Sandy

Cradle Beach Summer Program

“Thank you so much for your recent contribution to Cradle Beach. Over the 131 years since our founding, Cradle Beach has changed te lives of some of Western New York’s most vulnerable children. As we celebrate their achievements every day, we realize none of this would be possible without your continued support. For a child with disabilities or a child living in poverty, the Cradle Beach experience is like no other. It is life changing. Your gift will allow us to dramatically increase the number of children each year. Please know your generosity is important and greatly appreciated.
– Sue

Operation Warm - Lockport Coat Program

Thank you for your support of Operation Warm’s Lockport coat program. You’ve helped us reach a major milestone for our 20th anniversary – more than 3 million children have received brand new Operation Warm coats! You’ve given a child in need a brand new colorful jacket they will treasure, but you’ve given a lot more than a coat. You’ve given laughter, you’ve given fun, and you’ve given hope. Partners like you are the heroes who give a gift of warmth to children in your community. As one of those grateful children told us, “We are lucky to have you, because it is very cold outside, and we need warm coats.”  When committed partners like you give more than a coat, you show these children that they are a part of a community that cares about them. Thank you for your compassion and generosity.”

Presbyterian Senior Care Foundation - Lockport Presbyterian Home

“We recently received the gracious gift from the Grigg Lewis Foundation. This annual grant does much to help us make Lockport Presbyterian Home such a truly special place, and we’re genuinely thankful that you’ve selected us as a recipient again this year.  Your ongoing support is important to our mission to enhance the lives of seniors at Lockport. While the partnership we’ve forged over the years has had a transformational impact on Presbyterian Senior Care, it’s impossible to ignore the long list of things you’ve accomplished for Niagara County as a whole. Please know that our gratitude comes from the Board of Directors, staff, and most importantly the residents of Lockport Presbyterian Home whose lives you’ve improved in countless ways.”

Olcott Beach Carousel Park, Inc.

“On behalf of Olcott Beach Carousel Park, Inc., I would like to convey to you our gratitude for the grant to offset the employment costs for students to work at the park during the summer. We especially appreciate it since the minimum wage has increased once again, but we continue to keep our rides at $.25 and affordable to families of all incomes. In the past, we have been fortunate to hire remarkable students who have worked at the park. The students have learned a great deal from their experience. I am sure that thy will all become responsible citizens and grow up to give back positively to their community as a result of the work opportunity you are helping to make possible. Thank you for your generous and continued support of OBCP and your service to this community. It is very much appreciated.”

Niagara County Historical Society

 “Each year the Grigg Lewis Foundation plays a crucial role in helping us to preserve Niagara County’s heritage and to provide for public education. As a small not-for-profit organization, we are immensely grateful to have your support and assistance.”

GiGi's Playhouse

“I would like to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude for the recent awarding of funds toward our renovations at 326 Kenmore Ave. Your interest and belief in the values and mission of GiGi’s Playhouse will benefit so many deserving individuals with Down syndrome who desperately lack the services they need. Thank you for your advocacy and care towards this population. GiGi’s Playhouse is blessed and forever grateful. We look forward to celebrating the arrival of GiGi’s Playhouse with you all in the near future.”
-Emily and Will

Girl Scouts of Western New York

“You have helped to shape the course of a Girl Scout’s life through your gift. Thank you for opening the door so more girls can learn their strength and gain the confidence to stand up to the statistics and forge their own journeys of success. Through Girl Scouts, girls are taking the lead early and often. This gift will help give more girls the opportunities for adventure, inspiration, and valuable leadership. Because of you, we can continue to make a direct and lasting impact on the lives of girls in your community and inspire more girls to fulfill their full potential. Thank you for your generosity and your commitment to girls and the Girl Scouts of Western New York community.


“Thank you for your support of SABAH athletes! Your generous gift will serve to strengthen and empower those in our community who face the daily challenges of disability. Your contribution will provide support for SABAH’s six adaptive recreational programs, on ice and on turf, serving more than 800 athletes in our community challenged by disability. Please know that your support is a tremendous inspiration to SABAH athletes as they persevere past many difficult challenges to grow stronger and more independent. Because of you, SABAH’s athletes will have the opportunity to improve motor skill development, increase physical activity improve communication skills, and learn many other important skills for wellness and healthy living. Thank you for your support of these determined individuals.”
– Sheila